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Original paintings contemporary portraits

Size range:  11 inch. by 16 inch.  to  4 ft. by 6 ft.

Price range:  $395 us to  $1295 us

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Rebecca Bos



Johan Bos

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Price range:

$475 us


$6000 us


About Artistss

Johan and Rebecca have been a 20 year team. Every art project has been a combined effort. From the portraits to the Egyptian recreations Johan and Rebecca combine their talents to create art that has depth and style. Their art has been displayed across the county, featured in national magazines and newspapers, and sold through many prestigeous venues throughout the western U.S.

Featured in several national

Several art pieces in museums and their catalogs

Luxor Hotel Las Vegas

Exclusives Shop Vegas Strip

Excalibur Hotel Las Vegas

On the marquee  Las Vegas

Commission San Jose CA

Celebrity home Detroit

Feature article in Salt Lake
City premier magazine

Places of exhibit and commissions

Johan and Rebecca met when Rebecca was introduced to Johan by her father. Johan was in the beginning stages of painting several murals, one of which was a precise replica of the north wall of King Tuts tomb. Rebecca’s father introduced his daughter as a skilled artist. Johan decided to give her a try and in six months they were married. From there they quickly achieved national notoriety in several mediums and styles of art. They expanded their art to include sculpting, castings, and works on canvas.

Almost all the art they produced was commissioned work that came through museums, themed hotels, and private individuals throughout the country, with many works being sold over seas.

Johan’s favorite commission was from a prominent couple in Detroit. Rebecca did the initial sculpting and the piece was to be cast. Johan decided to use an ancient form of sand casting. The piece was a great success at its unveiling, and brought the owner of the sculpture to tears as she saw it for the first time. The piece sold for $5700.

Music came into the picture and Johan started creating hand made 6 hole wooden flutes. Johan and Rebecca learned to play them and with the door already open at the Excalibur Hotel, the two were hired by the entertainment department and as a duet played for guests from around the world.

Johan couldn’t make the flutes fast enough to keep up with the sales. It was then that their third child was about to be born. Rebecca played with Johan for guests one more time, and the duet was dissolved so that she could focus on the children.

Their success expanded through the publicity that was surrounding them and they received many years of commissions ranging from the west coast to new South wales Australia.

Exclusivity was their biggest appeal. Each art piece was a unique piece created specificlly for the client. Different in design, different in colors, different in style, and truly a one of a kind creation.

…and many other places

Credits and Accomplishments




New South Wales, Australia

Johan and Rebecca both work exclusively with commission pieces only. The pieces that are available through galleries are commissioned by the specific gallery and become their property to sell as they choose. Individuals can also commission specific  art  for their home or office. Commissioned art gives a  personal and customized addition to each artwork.

Q. How long does it take  for commissioned art pieces to be completed?

It is difficult to say because there are so many variables. The artist will determine an estimate length of time depending on the size, medium, the details of the piece, and the artist’s schedule.

Q. What does it cost to commission an art piece?

Commissioned pieces are priced slightly higher because of the additional time and effort to consult with all parties, and create a very specific work. There are no surprises and the contract or invoice spells out the details very clearly.

Q. What  is the payment arrangement  for commissioned  art?

We expect 50% down to start the work. The remaining balance is due previous delivery of the piece  into your possession.

Q. Will the artist work from a photograph?

yes, however artists may determine their own reference material for the creative design of any commissioned work. You will always be involved in the development of the idea and you will have the opportunity to approve sketches and the direction of the final artwork.

Q. May I visit with the artist to meet and discuss ideas?

Yes, you can meet with the artist as necessary.  If choosing to meet with the artist the client is required to come to the artist’s place of business at the expense of the client.

Q. Will the artist duplicate an existing piece of their portfolio?

Only on un-commissioned pieces created by the artist. keep in mind that  to maintain the integrity of the unique quality of each original piece  created, when dealing with original artworks ,there are never exact duplicates, however an artist may mirror the concept, colors and subject matter in a similar artwork of their creation.

Typical licensing terms


Royalties range anywhere from 4% to 30%  on the price of the products. It depends on the market and type of product. There are different types of royalty rates depending on the product. For example, typical royalty rates for prints and posters are around 10-15% whereas licensed gadget cases or similar can be around 4-7%.

Contract length

Most licensing deals last from 1 to 3 years and will be renewed or canceled depending on how well the deal is working out for both parties..

Ownership of the work

Ownership remains with the artist. Ownership rights are never sold. there are no exclusives given. Unless we are creating an exclusive collection for a company that is separate from our other art.

Featured artist Excalibur, LUXOR Hotels

The Rosicrusian Museum San Jose California

Johan & Rebecca Bos, a 20 year creative team
with national and international art credits

Serious inquiries only please



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In addition to Egyptian recreations Johan has spent years painting  scenes and faces in a form of contemporary realism.

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Oil and acrylic on canvas, mixed media

In addition to her artistic talents Rebecca is an
accomplished writer, gourmet, and an impeccable
beauty, with a personality to match.