Workshop or Lecture Topics:

•Types of media, their uses and  applications.

•Understanding the importance of planning and   research before beginning a project.

•Where and how to find projects and funding.

•Lighting, location audio, camera settings.

•Lens choices and camera movement.

•Professional studio editing techniques.

•Depth of field and exposure.

•Photoshop. Affinity secrets.

•How to sell your work.

Other topics are available. Email for info.

Johan’s projects have been seen on networks such as: ESPN, cable television and of course PBS stations,

running between top rated programs such as: The American Experience,  Nature,  Inside Washington, Nova and Antiques Road Show.

So, why these lectures or workshops?

Going from film to digital has given me a great deal of knowledge and experience. I learned the basics, then the building blocks of a skilled profession along with the business side of the media industry. I took every opportunity to learn from those working in the business.

Today I see too much faith being put onto the digital equipment and not enough time spent on production or photographic knowledge, all to often putting the cart before the horse. I have also seen that most workshops teach mainly the basics, neglecting important elements vital to successful media production and distribution.

Now we come to the part, “Why These lectures or Workshops?” Equipment is the tool, not the creator, and a great idea is not enough.  The steps are: research, planning, professional skills, camera operation and industry knowledge. These workshops teach skills in each of these steps, giving you the tools needed to be successful.

My photography and films have been seen by millions, from network TV like PBS and ESPN to publications like Psychology Today, Forbes, and Entrepeneur magazines, giving me valuable experience and working know how.

Remember  the media industry is a business and should make you money just like any other business.

I hope to hear from you!

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