Johan has a great deal of experience with managerial and non-profit organizations. He has helped several organizations to develop into recognized and growing additions to the community. (Reference letters on file) In addition to his active managerial role, Johan also did their marketing and graphics.

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Worked with Scatter Creek Ministry (3 yrs.)

Managing Director for ITC events and kitchen (2 yrs.)

Drug abuse is a problem every city deals with. Johan worked with Scatter Creek Ministry in providing a place for individuals to regain control of their lives. The ministry provided room and board as well as programs to help individuals rebuild. The facility is a working farm with commercial greenhouses and live stock.  

Johan was key in developing the facility and its successful operation. Johan also created the marketing materials including the website for the ministry and its working businesses that support the facility. The tag line, “because healing is more than physical” was created by Johan.

A thirteen floor hotel with a rooftop banquet facility
was the setting for conferences, meetings, social
functions and various other events. Johan, as the
lead events coordinator, had the responsibility of scheduling, planning, and executing whatever the
event. From managing the kitchen, to the cleaning
staff, Johan was key in keeping all the operations
running smoothly under the direction of the facilities director.

From a 1,000 seat conference, to an elegant banquet
for 500, Johan has the organizational skills to keep
everything on schedule without missing the details.

Founded and promoted Hidden Harvest ministry (4 yrs.).

Managing a production for national broadcast involves hundreds of tasks, deadlines, and any number of creative and technical people, all needing to be orchestrated together on a specific timeline.

Seven feature documentaries and dozens of
commercial television spots has shown that Johan Bos is a capable organizer.

Budgeting is also a very important part of the production business. Managing the expenses can make the difference between a successful project or a over cost production. Johan has always managed to stay on budget and on time.

Producer/Managing Director for James Hout Prod. (9 yrs.)

Founded by Johan Bos and the Olympia Market,
fresh food was donated and distributed to 400
families on a weekly basis. Fresh produce, fruit,
and various other foods including eggs and meat
were delivered to shut-ins and needy families with

Johan Bos as the managing director coordinated
the donations, volunteers, transportation, and
other necessary ingredients to distribute the
food within 3-4 hours each week. Johan arranged
for salmon from the local hatcheries in batches of
5 hundred pounds periodically to supply the families
with additional protein. Johan also managed the
annual Christmas food drive. The largest in Olympia.

Television & Media         Writing         Graphic Art / Design         Management Skills         Adobe Skills / Photography         Contact

Event coordinator for a benefit art auction (annual event)

Johan’s art background is extensive, and he has
always been active in this area of his life. He has
often combined his event experience with his art
skills in creative ways to raise money for non-
profits that benefit individuals as well as the

Johan visualizes, creates, organizes, and facilitates
all the necessary ingredients including people,
locations, logistics, and funding for a successful
event. As an event coordinator Johan has had
several successful benefit events such as the Art
Tour auction that net $37,000 in funds for a local

Event Coordinator reference letters upon request

National art credits

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Founded by Hubert Nolan the Hope Center was

created to provide aftercare for trafficked women.

Johan Bos was involved from the first day. Working

side by side with Hubert, the Hope Center became

the largest aftercare facility  in America,
being able to provide services to 160 women at

Johan’s responsibilities were basically management
and administrative, covering several departments
including security, IT, new projects, all media, and
skilled technical volunteers.

Johan is currently heading media promotion and
fundraising in Washington state, and the Pacific NW.

Member of the original Hope Center staff.

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