Johan Bos- Originally from the Netherlands, raised in America in the 70’s.

Lived in Seattle since 2000.

Living in the Pacific Northwest has been a life long dream, and it is every thing I hoped. The NW offers unlimited photo opportunities Taking pictures never seems to get old.

As much as I enjoy the NW, I take opportunities to travel so that I can take advantage of the great variety of landscapes and culture this country has to offer. Deserts to inner cities, it all holds photographic moments that reveal the magic of this world and the interesting people that give life personality.

I started with a Rolleiflex given me by my father. He also had a darkroom and taught me the basics of film processing and printing. That was all I needed, I was hooked! My next camera was a Minolta XD-11. That camera traveled the world with me. From Barbados, to Egypt, to South Africa, to France, and every place in between. The film of my choice? What else, Kodachrome 64 transparency film.

Today I’m married to my Canon EOS 5D. I love the features and the great Canon lenses. The latitude of the sensors reminds me a little of Kodachrome.

As often as I have my camera with me the best shots always seem to happen on that one day I left my camera at home. I’m sure on the day that Bigfoot steps in front of my car it will be one of those no camera days!

From salmon jumping upstream to pints of beer at the local pub, I have pictures of it all. People, places, and things, I can’t resist anyone, anyplace, or anything that catches my eye or interest. I photograph it all!

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